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- Edited and uploaded (2) kitchen photos

19/06/16 (2)

- Added contact form to main page.

- Edited completion paragraph text on homepage.

- Updated text in home page paragraphs.




- All original logos and titles replaced.

- Edited and added barbecue image to Specialty.

- I elaborated the home page paragraph.

- Removed Policy button (for now).

- Removed Completion frame, resized and respaced remaining 3 frames. Added in arrows between them as there was still a lot of blank space.

- Renamed and reset category frames to reflect the paragraph titles/order you sent. Should now be more accurate to your work method.

- Added category paragraphs on home page, accompanied by relevant image frames beside and behind text boxes.

- Set the category frames at the top of the home page to anchor to their respective paragraphs below.

- Added a standalone paragraph regarding project completion after category paragraphs.

- Added arrows at the bottom of every page, which when clicked, return you to the top.

- Edited and re-uploaded your team photo.

- Added myself to your team photo to make you look better, as well as a brief but tasteful memorial disclaimer.

- Edited some typos in your text as I saw them, but I'll to go through them carefully later.

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