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California Construction Contractor


California Construction Contractor




California Construction Contractor


Reinvent your home space with adaptive engineering.

Catspaw is a design-build construction company based in the Vista area of San Diego county. We specialize in ADUs, room additions, seismic retrofits and whole-house structural remodels, including kitchens and baths.


Catspaw is experienced and capable in a wide variety of project development, with an emphasis on design aspects and structural reconfigurations.


We operate in specialized teams of experts and work closely with our clients to ensure that the product exceeds expectations with the highest quality standards and aesthetics possible.

Stages of completion:


California Construction Contractor
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After a contract is signed, work begins. In some cases, if a permit is required, the first task will be to create plans. In-­house engineering and drafting allows this process to be completed with relative speed. Once plans are completed, they are submitted to the governing authority for review. (individual cities, or San Diego County for unincorporated areas) The review times vary, but three weeks is an approximate average. Obtaining a permit ensures that all work done complies with current building codes, and after final inspection, provides the homeowner with proof of such.

Permits do add cost to the project, in plan check and permit issue fees paid directly to the city or county, and in delays incurred by the contractor. These delays occur because of the nature of how inspections are performed, as opposed to how work naturally progresses. I usually feel comfortable proceeding with a project immediately after plan submission, keeping in mind work may not progress past the point of the first required inspection.

In some cases HOA approval is required. If needed, I will assemble the required documents, and generate plans to satisfy the architectural review committee.


California Construction Contractor

The scope of work that is eventually agreed upon depends on the clients' wishes, budget, and time constraints. The project must fall within what is physically possible, and meet all legal and building code requirements. Catspaw Construction will not perform any re-configurations that do not meet current building code, regardless of whether or not a permit is obtained.

The first question I'll ask you is “what do you want?” I'm not looking for specific tasks as in, “I want these stairs moved”, or “I want a wall built here.” I'm looking for general ideas; “I want my back patio to seem to be an extension of the living room”, or “I want a place to entertain, or impress, or I want a kitchen where I can bake four cakes at once”. Sometimes just saying what you want out loud helps clarify what it is you are really after.

Once we've figured out what you want, we can look at different options about how to get there. I'll advise you as to what is physically possible and legal, and what is not. I have a comprehensive knowledge of current building codes.

At this point, budget and time become a factor. If the project includes a structural re-configuration, I'll be able to give you a ballpark cost. In some cases, I'll recommend a contract for exploratory demolition to ascertain the viability of a design if structural plans aren't available.

Once the design and scope of work are established, I'll write contracts that specifically list everything that is to be done. I generally write separate contracts for work that is performed in separate parts of the house or are separated by phase or time. This avoids a large cumbersome document that doesn't allow for flexibility.

California Construction Contractor


California Construction Contractor
California Construction Contractor

The physical project begins with either groundbreaking or demolition. The men preparing the space or disassembling your structure are all full­time employees of Catspaw Construction -- not day laborers. I operate trucks and trailers to haul off demolished material to an approved recycling dump, and consequently won't block the street or driveway with a dumpster.

All concrete coring and pouring, framing, plumbing, electrical and tile are performed by Catspaw employees and are covered with workman's compensation insurance. Catspaw itself is covered with $2000000 in liability insurance.

Under ideal conditions, you will not be in the house while a major remodel is occurring, however, if you are, expect some dirt and dust. We will do a reasonable clean up at the end of each day, but clean­up time and time spent attempting to control dust does cost money. I pay my guys the same regardless of what they're doing. The men are polite and courteous, but they want to work. Let them.

Changes in the plan may occur. It is sometimes due to unforeseen discoveries behind walls but usually will come from you. This is normal and expected. No one will roll their eyes and act exasperated. We expect it, and we're used to it. It isn't a failure in planning, but a realization of the potential. Obviously, we like to make changes before we have to redo work we've just completed, so if you have reservations about a decision, let me know. Feel free to talk to the workers about potential changes, but no change will be made until I OK it. Some poorly thought-out changes, even minor ones, can cause grief at a later point.

If your project includes stucco or countertop fabrication you will be working with my exclusive subcontractors. I don't do this work in-­house, nor do I put it out to bid. I have personal relationships with the owners of these companies, and they work intimately with my crew and do flawless work.

It's not uncommon for Catspaw to take on ambitious projects with an aggressive time schedule. We approach these projects with a “combined arms” approach that will sometimes see finish tile, paint, and flooring going in at the same time. This can't be done without a capable in-­house crew and devoted subcontractors willing to be flexible.

Catspaw produces all inclusive top tier renovations. Unless otherwise noted, clients can assume all our contracts provide for a move­-in ready condition. We can help with the furniture as well, if needed.

We go above and beyond to ensure that first and foremost, our projects exceed the standards and expectations of our clients as far as possibility allows. We have been extremely successful in this, such that 100% of our new clients are via referral. Catspaw Construction does not advertise

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to contact us for consultations.

Vista, CA

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